Terms used in paper industry

The finish is rougher than eggshell finishes but slightly smoother than those designated as extra bulk grades. Paper that is contaminated with materials e. Blocking Out Eliminating portions of negatives by opaquing the image.

Coastal Zone Management Act: Hence, there will be increasing pressure to achieve and maintain odor control, possibly in excess of what is required by law. Electrical properties are affected by the smoothness of the sheet, by surface sizing agents and by changes in moisture content.

Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate emissions of air pollutants from all sources in the United States.

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Brightness A technical measurement of the light reflected back from a paper. A hazardous air pollutant, is classified as a probable human carcinogen.

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Despite its extensive use of self-generated energy, the industry is still the third largest industrial user of fossil fuels in the United States. Calendering To impart a smooth finish on paper by passing the web of paper between polished metal rolls to increase gloss and smoothness.

Decrease in dimensions of a paper sheet; weight loss between amount of pulp used and paper produced. Also called feathering, outpush, push out and thrust.

Blueprint In printing, a type of photoprint used as a proof. Wood used for conversion to some form of energy, primarily residential use. Efforts to find new uses for waste materials need to take into account other resources used.

Blanket In offset lithography, the rubbercoated fabric clamped around the blanket cylinder, which transfers the image from plate to paper. Crossover Type or art that continues from one page of a book or magazine across the gutter to the opposite page.

Also called text paper. The Ecology of Industry: Indirect printing process that uses lithographic plates on which images or designs are ink-receptive; the rest of the plate is water-receptive.

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However, good environmental practices must be based on science. Paper that is alkaline and won't deteriorate over time. Top side side opposite the wire of a paper sheet.

Wetlands generally include swamps, marshes, bogs and similar areas. Other technical terms Financial terms Abbreviations used Institutional Data Base. Terms used in the Oil Industry Institutional Data Base DIAGRAM INDEX The Oil Industry in Mexico Seismic Exploration Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production Basic Products of Crude Oil.

Paperboard is a thick paper-based thesanfranista.com there is no rigid differentiation between paper and paperboard, paperboard is generally thicker (usually over mm, in, or 12 points) than paper and has certain superior attributes such as foldability and rigidity.

According to ISO standards, paperboard is a paper with a grammage above g/m 2, but there are exceptions. This page provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are commonly used in the insurance business.

New terms will be added to the glossary over time. includes commercial paper, negotiable certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements and equipment trust certificates.

typically those in the same industry. Sinceindustry management, acting through the industry's association, has adopted a set of environmental, health, and safety principles (American Forest and Paper Association, ) and a set of sustainable forestry principles (American Forest and Paper Association, ).

In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Used as a filler in the alkaline paper manufacturing process, calcium carbonate improves several important paper characteristics, like smoothness, brightness, opacity, and affinity for ink; it .

Terms used in paper industry
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Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms